Monday, June 22, 2015

Norbert Capek: The Man Who Loved Beauty

The children's class enjoyed a visit from Norbert Capek, the creator of the flower communion.  

We made musical instruments from recycled materials.  Norbert Capek had a large, musical family.  They had enough musicians to make their own family orchestra.

We made tissue paper flowers and celebrated our own flower communion.

Norbert described the first flower communion, held at his church in Prague, "We put a big table in the middle of the worship space, and on it a large vase. The vase represented the Unitarian church, which helps everyone in the congregation share the beauties in life. Each person had been told to bring a flower along that Sunday, and each put his or her flower in the vase. In my sermon, I talked about how each and every flower was different and important, just like every person in my congregation. And yet they all belonged together in one community, as sisters and brothers. In this Unitarian community, when they gave their best that was in them for the good of everyone, they were able to do together what no one person can do alone."

Monday, June 15, 2015

Who Is A Super Hero?

This summer we will be learning about some Unitarian Universalist super heroes. We are calling them heroes because they tried to live their lives so that their abilities and talents became “super powers”, and they tried to use these powers to make the world a better place.

Are people heroes because they're strong? Or fast? Or famous? What heroes can you think of who have done something that helped others?

Children were asked to think of something heroic they have done or might like to do, or of something heroic they have seen someone else do in real life. Maybe someone has saved a bird’s nest from a cat, or helped get first aid for someone who fell off their bike, or cleaned up a spill so people wouldn’t slip and fall. Maybe someone ate lunch with a new child at school.   

Children developed their own super hero costumes, and wrote and drew about their own super hero powers.  If they were a super hero, what powers would he or she have? What sort of costume would reflect these powers?  Look at the fantastic personas we developed!

Even our youngest children can be super heroes!

Super teachers!