Monday, December 29, 2008

Kwaanza Celebration

This Sunday our children celebrated the holiday of Kwaanza, an African-American celebration of family, community, and culture. We discovered that the seven principles of Kwanza, called Nguzo Saba, are very similar to our seven Unitarian Universalist principles:

Umoja (Unity)
To strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation and race

Kujichagulia (Self-Determination)
To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves

Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility)
To build and maintain our own stores, shops and other business and to profit from them together.

Nia (Purpose)
To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness.

Kuumba (Creativity)
To do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

Imani (Faith)
To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

Ask your child about the principles and how they apply in your lives. If your child was at our celebration, read together the booklet they made.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Youth Cook Up Souper Lunches

Last Sunday the junior and senior youth contributed their cooking talents to create a hearty soup lunch of vegetarian and meaty chili for all to enjoy following the congregational meeting. Donations collected for the lunch went to benefit the Guest at Your Table program, sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. If you have not already picked up a box to have on your dinner table at home, please do so, and continue to donate until the new year!

The youth of Saltwater will continue to provide lunch as a service to the community on the first Sunday of alternate months. The next lunch will be the annual sub sandwich sale in February. Watch for order forms in January.