Monday, April 22, 2013

Wisdom Tales

The Treasure Hunters class looking very wise in their crowns after hearing a story about the wisdom of Solomon and Sheba.  
Treasure Hunters at work on their crowns.

The Explorers class acted out the story of the prophet Micah.
Micah saw that the rich had turned their backs on the poor.  

He watched the rich and greedy at the temple praying loudly and pretending to worship God.

Micah began to preach in the streets.  
"What is good is this:  To act justly, to show kindness, and to live humbly."

 The Discovery class also talked about peace and fairness.  Today's story was about Adin Ballou, an early Universalist minister, who taught that everyone should live in peace.

Children practice sharing toys in the nursery, a real-life lesson in peace and fairness.  

And finally, a rare photo of our high school youth group!