Sunday, October 14, 2012

Asking Big Questions About the Flood, Hospitality, and God

Today's classes were wrestling with some big theological ideas.  The Treasure Hunters and Explorers classes discussed the story of Noah's ark.

The Treasure Hunters drew rainbows symbolizing God's covenant with Noah that he would never again send a great flood to destroy people and other living things.  Unitarian Universalists believe that all people are worthy of love.
The Treasure Hunters also enjoyed singing together the song Rise and Shine.

The Explorers class made art depicting the big ideas in today's story.  The talked about why the Bible might include this story about a great flood, and what it teaches.
The Discovery Class heard the story of Fox and Stork, a fable that teaches about offering hospitality to others.  The lesson was that we should offer others the help that they want, rather than the help we think they might want.  If you want to help someone, it is usually best to ask what sort of help would be appreciated.

Our youth group watched a video clip about John the Baptist.  Discussion about whether or not Jesus was white lead to conversation about whether people were created in God's image, or if people create God in their own image.