Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Caring for the Environment

Today we enjoyed the sunny weather by going outside to do some projects.  The preschool children drew "truffula" trees from the story The Lorax on the paved area in front of the new office, while the elementary group prepared a flower bed and planted flowers.

 Both groups worked together to decorate clay pots which will become a bird bath--something you can bid on at our church auction.

Many thanks to the children for their work on these projects to help our church and the environment.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Saving Trees

by Saphronia Young
(in honor of Dr. Seuss Summer)
Would you save a life if you could?
Have you ever thought that maybe you should?
Even if you're little, I bet you are strong!
Ivy kills trees, and I think that is wrong.

The ivy was brought here from far far away
and the people who did that weren't thinking that day!
The ivy chokes trees and doesn't care if they die
When I think about that, I almost could cry.

But although you are little I know you are smart
I know you have courage and a loving big heart
I know you will help at least one tree to survive
We can take out the ivy and let that tree thrive.

You could pull the vine away from the tree
Your partner could clip all the ivy you see
Together you can do what alone we cannot
You could save a tall tree and then...adopt!

Walk down the path seeking your tree
Find one that is smothered with English ivy
Pull the vine away from your tree's girth
Clip once at your shoulder, and again by the earth.

Give your tree a six-foot ring around
A survival ring where no ivy is found
Check it each week that you possibly could
Take care of your know that you should.

You could hug your tree and give it a name
Draw a picture of her and put in a frame
Tell your tree that she's lovely and want her to grow
Let your tree feel cared for - I think she should know.